Hassle Free Holiday

Getting away for a holiday doesn’t have to be a hassle, expensive or excessively time consuming. It just requires a bit of planning ahead and flexibility, two things that don’t often go together, but can really make your travelling experience a joy.

One great way to find affordable holidays is to go to the less popular places, or at least stay in or travel to less popular destinations. Sure, you may have a bit of a drive when you get there to get to your ultimate destination, but do the math.

If you can save a few hundred dollars by flying to an airport that is off the beaten path, and then drive, take a train or bus to your final destination for less, then you are money ahead on your trip. This way you may also get a more interesting experience by getting to see more of the countryside from ground transportation than you would in the air. Watching airfares ahead of time is a great way to save money, but also waiting for the last minute can save even more.

Additionally another great way to get two vacations for the price of one is to make sure you book your travel on an overbooked flight, and then volunteer to fly stand by for the next flight. The airline will bump you, give you a voucher, and sometimes extras like dinner or a hotel stay, and still get you to your destination. Sure you might end up in the airport longer, so what. You get an extra flight and a few hours to read a book or catch up email, or work on that novel you’ve been considering.

If you are not focused on getting away for a holiday, and just want to get away, look for alternative vacation options. One that can be lots of fun are repositioning cruises. On a repositioning cruise, they are moving the boat with or without any passengers, so any one that will pay for the trip is cash over and above what the cruise lines expect. They will have a full staff all the amenities that you might expect, including sales on board, and off shore excursions, and generally the prices are extremely low.

On these cruises you might get to travel through the Panama Canal for far less than it would cost to go there as a destination, and along the way you could see many islands and beaches that are not on the normal cruise routes.