Holidays Don’t Have to be a Crazy Expense

One thing to keep in mind is money can be saved a number of ways. Starting with housing! There are several things you can do that might not immediately come to mind. Be created, for example, go with a group to split expenses for. Sharing the cost of hotel rooms, gas and even groceries can help protect your budget. Another useful tool, is versus staying at hotels, look into websites, where owners are renting out their houses. These sites can be searched by location and offer a great alternative.

Another money saver can be found in looking for discount sites for the city you will be visiting. Many sites not only offer food discounts, but discounts on activities. When you are in another city, look for matinee shows, discounts to events in the newspaper, even things that can be free, IE: just going to the beach. Vacation doesn’t have to equate to spending a lot of money, much of how successful you are in being thrifty is determined by how much time you are willing to invest in planning your trip, an researching what may be available. The internet provides endless ideas, even Pinterest can give you ideas on where to go, what to do and how to save money when doing it. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself a budget, and not go over.

And constantly keep your eyes peeled for airline discounts, signing up for their mailing list and/or alerts to be notified of sales that may be coming up. One way our family has also been extremely successful, is in using our credit cards to earn points, whether it be for hotel stays, miles, and/or gift cards, we use our credit cards (paying them off monthly of course) and when we are ready to take our trip(s)…we redeem for gift cards, airline tickets, even cruise gift cards. One thing I’ve learned is to be patient, and be persistent, and most of all, enjoy your trip! And while out their on your vacation, be sure to use your credit cards to earn rewards for your next adventure!